Meet the Team


Jonathan Monsen - Osteopath


Jonathan Monsen (Osteopath) has come to osteopathy from a background in Chemistry (holding a Masters from Imperial College London).

"Although I found it very interesting, there was always something I felt was missing. I had toyed with the idea of studying Medicine when I was writing my A-Levels, however I was not convinced it was right for me."

Once he had finished his time at Imperial, Jonathan Monsen knew that he wanted to do something that would help people and that is how he discovered osteopathy and why he and Lucy Parsons set up The SW7 Clinic.


"For me, osteopathy is more than just a profession; it is a way of life. It's core principals resonated very deeply with me, and I have found myself living my life by them."

Lucy Parsons - Osteopath &
Sports Massage Therapist


"Since I was 16, I wanted to be an Osteopath. Having received treatment from the age of 14 for a range of growing and sports related injuries, I decided that an osteopathic career would be a great way to help people while capitalising on my interest in science."


Lucy Parsons (Osteopath) graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with an integrated masters and has an ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy.


"Jonathan Monsen and I have set up The SW7 Clinic together from home so we can provide the local community with osteopathy in South Kensington."


Lucy Parsons (Osteopath) grew up playing competitive netball (thus some of the childhood injuries) and still has a keen interest in it to this day. She also enjoys skiing, surfing and playing tennis in the summer.

"There is a common misconception that sport massage only deals with sport injuries, when in fact it is also a useful tool for maintaining musculoskeletal health and reducing some of the more common ailment of modern living."

the sw7 clinic lucy parsons jonathan monsen osteopathy south kensington custom orthotics
the sw7 clinic lucy parsons jonathan monsen osteopathy south kensington custom orthotics

Dr Cristina Cioffi - Therapist & Coach


If you have any questions, Cristina can be contacted directly:

Dr Cristina Cioffi teaches her clients evidence-based tools that they can use to make a positive change in their lives. She specialises in dealing constructively with anxiety and stress, but has worked successfully with a variety of other issues.

Dr Cristina Cioffi is a chartered psychologist and Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour therapist. With a BSc and MSc in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology. She is specialised in Cognitive Behaviour and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (CBT/REBT), which she integrates with other techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy.

"During my training I familiarised myself with many therapeutic approaches and found CBT and REBT to be powerful and effective, both in my professional and personal experience."

Dr Cristina Cioffi is a lecturer in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at the University of London and has published several scientific papers.

‘Scientific research is critical for clinical work: it grounds our understanding and guides the development of better therapeutic techniques.’

Cristina Cioffi is an advocate of mindfulness practice and has been applying it for several years.


Kelly Hafner - Registered Nutritionist


If you have any questions, Kelly can be contacted directly:

Kelly Hafner is a Fully Qualified Registered Nutritionist and Health Coach. She is a member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy) and is fully registered with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).


“Health is about having the energy and vitality to be fully present in your life, and to be able to give your best to yourself and to those around you.”


Kelly Hafner graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and is dedicated to the lifelong process of learning. She is currently taking an Advanced Cancer Care Course and is enrolled in The Institute for Functional Medicine’s renowned AFMCP course (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) in the fall of 2018.


“My clients range from people who just want to learn to eat healthier, to those who have lived with chronic illness and long-standing health issues who are desperate to feel well again. I work closely with my clients to create personalised plans that empower them on the path towards feeling their best again.”


Kelly Hafner’s commitment and passion for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine developed through her own experience with health issues. She knows what it is like to not feel her best and has a genuine desire to help others who are also struggling with their health.

Heidi Parsons - Sports Massage Therapist 


If you have any questions, Heidi can be contacted directly: 

"I get to meet new people everyday and help to solve the puzzles that our bodies become due to the stress and strains of this fast paced and manic world.’"

Heidi Parsons trained at the University of Bath where she acquired her Level 3 and 4 Active IQ in Sports Massage.


Whilst at Bath, Heidi worked with a wide range of international elite athletes from around the world, including European Pentathletes and Olympic Judo competitors.


During her childhood, like her sister, she was very involved in sport (particularly netball) playing all over the country until she was 18. Throughout this time Heidi, to her mother's dismay, acquired a wide range of complex and painful injuries; now Heidi is far more likely to be found in the relative safety of a HIIT class, rather than on the court.


"I feel Sports massage is the perfect balance between therapy and treatment, it is holistic with lasting benefits that break down barriers to movement ."

Laura Osteopath.jpg

Laura Saunders - Osteopath


If you have any questions, Laura can be contacted directly:

Laura graduated from the prestigious University College of Osteopathy (formally known as The British School of Osteopathy) with a Masters degree in Osteopathy.


She works predominantly with structural osteopathic techniques and works alongside patients to help them gain an understanding of their pain. By treating each patient as an individual, Laura creates bespoke treatment plans based on their personal needs and goals, providing them with the tools to manage their pain effectively.


During her undergraduate training, Laura gained a wealth of experience, working with a wide range of people including athletes, expectant mothers and the elderly and developed a keen interest in pre and post natal osteopathic care.  She has further developed her area of interest by undertaking postgraduate training with newborns, paediatric musculoskeletal complaints and women's health.


Laura has recently returned from Singapore where she worked with a wide variety of patients and specialised in treating newborns and children of all ages.


Laura enjoys keeping active with swimming, Zumba and slow, but enthusiastic, running.


When she’s not treating patients Laura can be found exploring the UK with her husband and two teenage daughters.